Area Rug Cleaning Services

With so many different styles of flooring available today it is not unusual to see tile, wood, and even stone flooring throughout homes. These types of flooring are beautiful and cool in warmer climates. In order to protect their stone, wood, and tile floors many homemakers have area rugs scattered throughout their homes. Not only do these rugs provide protection for floors, but they also help add interest and beauty to a home’s décor and serve as cushion for people’s feet.

However, since area rugs are often found in high trafficked areas of the home such as in the kitchen, bath and entry way, these rugs often become dirty quickly despite frequent vacuuming and a good shaking out every so often. Cleaning your area rugs yourself can not only be a chore, but can also be frustrating. Rental carpet cleaning machines often ball or scrunch up smaller area rugs making them difficult if not impossible to get as clean as you like. In addition, these types of cleaners often result in torn fringes and fading of patterns and colors.

We Do Area Rugs Right

Here at Carpet Cleaning Anaheim we can save you the time, energy and frustration that cleaning your area rugs involves. We have the right state of art cleaning equipment to clean area rugs completely yet gently as well as the skilled cleaning technicians to make sure that your area rugs are clean and spot and odor free.

Two Great Cleaning Options

Best of all, we offer all of our customers two great and convenient area rug cleaning options. The first option is the traditional rug cleaning option most rug cleaning services offer. In this option we will come to your home and clean your area rugs right in your house on the day and at a time you set.

Our second option offers you even more convenience since you simply set a time to have your area rugs picked up. We then take them to our facility, clean them and make any necessary minor repairs and then return them to you again at time that is convenient for you. Pick up and delivery is absolutely free, you only pay for the cleaning and repairs of the rugs themselves.

No Set Limit on the Number of Rugs We Clean

We don’t set any limits on the number or size of rugs we will clean, because we know that each individual household has its own individual area rugs needs. You’ll only be charged for those rugs that need to be cleaned instead of having a one fee fits all type of cleaning service.

In addition, we clean a wide variety of types of area rugs, whether the rugs are today’s modern styles and designs or old family heirlooms. Types of area rugs we specialize in include:

  Japanese (including silk rugs)
  High pile or low pile
  Wool or wool blends
  Man made or natural fibers

To set up a rug cleaning appointment or pick up, to get a free estimate or consultation or to ask a question feel free to give us a call at 714-406-2470 or speak to our online representative.

Free Consultation

To learn more about each of services please feel free to browse our website, give us a call at (714) 406-2470, or visit our online representative.

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